Working Principle Of Jaw Crusher

jaw crusher

The movable jaw hanging on the mandrel, can swing around, when the eccentric shaft rotates, the connecting rod to do reciprocating movement up and down. Two thrust plates are driven to do reciprocating motion, so as to push the movable jaw to make the left and right reciprocating motion, realize the crushing and unloading. This kind of jaw crusher with double crank link mechanism, while moving the jaw by a lot of broken reaction, and the eccentric shaft and the connecting rod is affected by force is not big, so the industry made more mainframe and midrange to crush hard materials. In addition, the jaw type crushing machine, Hubei on the locus of each point is with the shaft as the center of the arc, the arc radius is equal to the distance of the point to the axis, the upper end of the small arc, arc at the end, crushing efficiency low broken than I usually 3-6. Because of its simple trajectory, so that a simple swing jaw crusher. Simple pendulum jaw crusher structure is simple and compact, eccentric shaft and other parts of the force is smaller; due to the movement of the vertical displacement of the smaller, less processing of the phenomenon of the material is too broken, moving jaw.