Which Crusher Is More Suitable For The Choice Of Broken Granite

cone crusher

Material characteristics
Granite is the main part of feldspar and quartz is a kind of high hardness materials, has uniform structure, hard texture, color beautiful, durable, and other characteristics, not easily weathered, beautiful color, appearance and color can be maintained for more than a hundred years, as a senior architectural decoration, the hall floor, in addition or open-air sculpture of the first choice material. For its processing applications, the general use of crushing and processing, is the most simple process of its processing, which is the production line of broken granite.
Granite photo
Selection of granite crusher
Cone crusher is recommended here as a granite crushing equipment, especially in the granite crushing production line for the two time. In the use of cone crusher are broken, you will find it really is very suitable for production, it really is not other machines, it depends on the characteristics of the broken it, mainly with following advantages broken,
1 first cone crusher is to rely on extrusion to achieve the crushing of the material, laminating crushing equipment wear parts of the relatively low wear;
2 secondly cone crusher relative to the jaw broken, counter attack and other traditional crushing equipment, a lot less vulnerable parts;
3 finally, although the cone is relatively expensive, but the maintenance is relatively simple, not only to save the cost of late, but also to save time.
It can be seen from the above, the selection of the granite crushing cone crusher crushing effect is good. More granite processing production line equipment information and free consultation, the Acer can provide customers with comprehensive process scheme and technical support, can also be customized plan according to the actual needs of customers.