What Are The Magnesite Crusher


The magnesite

Magnesite is magnesium carbonate minerals, although our country natural magnesite resources are rich, but grade is low, the utilization rate is not high, the crushing and processing of magnesite with good raise, what are the magnesite crusher? The following is commonly used magnesite crusher that hongke introduced for users.

Magnesite crusher recommended

Jaw crusher

Jaw Crusher
Jaw crusher is magnesite one-stage crushing device of choice, is widely used in mines, metallurgy, building materials, water conservancy and other industries, can be on the compressive strength of no more than 320 MPa material crushing, the device has the advantages of follows:
(1) Hongke jaw crusher crushing cavity depth without dead zone, improve equipment into the discharging capacity, and increases the production of equipment effectively.
(2) the structure of the equipment is simple, crushing ratio is large, and the single machine can save energy 30% – 15, the system energy saving equipment is more than twice as high, for the user to bring a greater profit.
(3) the flywheel design of the equipment is unique, reduces the vibration of equipment operation, makes the equipment running more stable, the service life of the equipment is increased, and the maintenance rate is reduced.
(4) compared with the traditional adjusting shim, Hongke wedge discharge port adjusting device, make the adjustment more quick, convenient and brings greater convenience for users.
(5) the device uses a larger, more durable eccentric shaft bearing, its greater bearing capacity and good sealing performance, so that the service life of the bearing is greatly improved, the user’s production cost reduction.

Cone crusher

cone crusher
Cone crusher is a high efficiency and energy saving, crushing equipment, for magnesite has good crushing effect and the equipment is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, the advantages of the device are as follows:
(1) the hydraulic cavity cleaning system can be used to clean the broken cavity quickly and effectively, which greatly reduces the downtime of the users.
(2) the equipment has the protection device and automatic control system, can automatically realize the protection of the equipment, reduce the unnecessary damage of equipment.
(3) the equipment is simple in structure, easy to install and maintain, and the equipment can be adjusted according to the needs of users, to meet the needs of users.
(4) with a laminated crushing principle, broken material / product increased, uniform particle size and equipment of crushing chamber has been very good optimization, broken rate were also effective adjustment, effectively improve the production capacity of equipment and reduce the production cost of the user.

Roller crusher

Roller Crusher
Roller crusher is Hongke independently developed a crushing equipment, can achieve good crushing material of building materials, chemical industry, mining and other industries with high hardness, the equipment advantage:
(1) during the crushing process, the equipment has a small vibration, low noise and noise pollution.
(2) the important parts of the equipment are made of new materials, the wear of equipment is small, the service life has been effectively increased, which can bring considerable economic benefits for the user.
(3) by the equipment of crushing material, a cube, and the grain size is very uniform, no cracks, needle flake content is very low, greatly increasing the efficiency of the equipment, and increase the user’s profits, reduced the production cost of the user.

Hammer crusher

Hammer Crusher
Hammer type crushing machine is magnesite commonly used broken equipment, widely used in mines, metallurgy, building materials, cement and other industries in medium hardness and brittle materials broken, have an advantage:
(1) the equipment is made of new technology, less vulnerable parts, users of the equipment operation, maintenance convenience.
(2) the hammer breaking structure of the equipment is good in sealing, which effectively solves the problem of dust pollution to the environment of the workshop and the leakage of the body, and reduces the damage to the workers.
(3) can be the magnesite a crushing molding, reduce the broken link, can not only reduce the production time of the user, user’s production cost also effectively reduced.
Hongke is professional magnesite crusher manufacturer, and always adhere to the quality of life and production equipment exported to 30 countries, and users alike, and production of magnesite crushing machine models of complete, quality assurance at the same time, the equipment price is very affordable, Hongke will you bring higher profits.