We Can Do What To Prolong The Service Life Of Crusher Hammer

hammer crusher

Hammer is a hammer crusher essential parts, main wearing wear parts is hammer crusher, the crushing material for hammer crusher suitable hammer is an important guarantee for the service life of the hammer, in addition, what else can we do for the service life of the hammer? Acer experts tell us, to prolong the service life of the hammer, there are many aspects we need to pay attention to.
Hammer crusher is often used as a mining machinery two crusher equipment appeared in a variety of broken production line, mainly used in mining, highway construction, construction and water conservancy and hydropower, and other fields. Because of its simple structure, large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, the use of a wide range of uses. Hammer hammer crushing machine main function parts, therefore, we tend to hammer the quality and the service life requirements are relatively high.
First of all, the surface contact must when installing the hammer and the machine is stable, fixed hammer.
Secondly, to deal with each in crusher material sampling, if changed the properties of the materials should be based on the corresponding parameters of material hardness, corrosion resistance and other timely change the crusher, the two complement each other, reduce material can not meet the wear caused by the hammer.
Again, to be broken materials should be uniform into the crushing chamber of the crusher, to avoid one-sided overload or single side extrusion, increase the wear resistance of wear parts.
Finally, when the material blockage caused by crushing cavity halting problem is, should shut off the motor immediately, the material can be cleaned again, otherwise it may cause unnecessary damage to the hammer.
There are a lot of impact hammer crusher’s service life, as long as we pay more attention to the inevitable will most incisive hammer crusher use effect and the service life of the play. We remind you to make full use of the machine, details of the hammer crusher to create wealth and benefit more for us.