Understand The Coup, Let Your Long-Term Efficient Operation Of Crusher


Each mine machinery and equipment have a life cycle, the length of this life will not only be affected by the quality of the equipment itself, but also to a great extent will be affected by man-made, stone crusher is the same.
Stone machine in the process of long-term use, inevitably there will be high temperature, vibration, downtime, wear and other issues, resulting in a decline in lithotripsy efficiency, affect the normal production, not up to the expected processing effect, therefore, in order to maximize the extension of stone machine service life, to achieve efficient and stable operation of crusher, we we must master some coup.

Although the market on the stone crusher type and model is more, but the working principle is basically the same, master some skills, can make your stone crusher equipment more efficient, lower cost, energy-saving effect is better.
The temperature control of the coup
During the operation of the crusher, the temperature of each component has a normal range, and the risk of unexpected danger may occur when the temperature is too low and the temperature is too high.
First, it is necessary to prevent the overload operation under low temperature, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment at low temperature and pre heating stage. When the normal temperature is reached, the work can be carried out.
The two is to prevent high temperature operation, stone machine used for a long time, the temperature is easy to rise, to carry out regular inspections on each thermometer, found the problem immediately stop check, and repair, maintain reasonable heat equipment.
Remove impurities of coup
The impurities in the crusher are the metal filings, wear products and other materials that affect the normal operation of the equipment. These substances into the machine, not only will cause serious damage to equipment parts, but also seriously affect the normal processing and production of equipment.
Therefore, for the manufacturers with complex production environment, it is necessary to select high quality parts and reasonable lubricating oil to prevent impurities from entering. At the same time, the production site must be well protected to ensure the normal operation of the upper and lower production lines, and ensure the safety and environmental protection of the production site.
To reduce the corrosion of coup
If the quality of the parts is poor or the production environment is relatively bad, the crusher will be prone to corrosion, will increase the machine failure, this corrosion damage to the crusher is very large.
Therefore, the operators should take proper protective measures according to the geographical location and natural conditions of the production site to prevent the invasion of rainwater into the machine and to reduce the impact of corrosion on the stone crusher.
In order to make the stone machine you always maintain good working condition, reduce the failure rate, improve yield and efficiency, prolong the service life of daily maintenance work, we must do the crusher, stone crusher “strike prevention”. Acer stone machine type is rich, the quality is reliable, trustworthy.