The Diversity Of The Joint Structure Of The Impact Crusher

impact crusher

The structure form of the butt joint of the impact crusher is varied.Fork ears joints, collars joints, slide joints, pulley slide joints, hinged joint and so on.In the form of structural joint holes are also diverse. Some joints are divided into two parts matrix and liner, the liner is installed in the base body; some joint matrix with bearings, mounted on the base body; some joints without bushings and bearings, directly connected to the hole. Connections and components in the form of joint structures are also diverse, and some joint structures and components for the integrated solution, the joint itself is part of the part structure: some joint and separate parts of the structure, by joint connections and components will be integral structure. Some form of joint structure is simple, easy docking; some form of joint complex structure, docking difficulties. Some joint connections and structure of simple form, with the design compensation, allowing an appropriate position adjustment component interface: some form of joint and complex structural connections, do not have design compensation, the joint position of high accuracy requirements.

In short, the crusher joint structure in a wide variety of structural forms, structural designers often concerned member joint structure requirements and usage requirements, and the requirements for finishing joint parts do not care or care not enough,to make it difficult for finishing parts or can not be finished.