The actual strength of the material particles of crusher is related to its size factor


The Internal stress produced by the crusher can reach the ultimate strength of the brittle failure before it happens, and the particles are easy to be crushed. The plastic particles can see the obvious flow, and structure is not easy to produce significant damage.The energy consumed by the rheology is converted to heat, and the particles are difficult to crush.In the external force under repeated loading, the particles inside the crystal structure will appear relaxation phenomenon that stress and deformation in the deformation values of g remain unchanged conditions, internal stress will gradually disappear, the stored elastic energy will be converted to heat, which raising the temperature of the grinding zone.Instantaneous action of shear stress is helpful to shorten the process of particle flow, so as to overcome the macro “viscosity” of this kind of particles, reduce the temperature inside the mill, and speed up the process of grinding.

Pretreatment of materials, the development of internal lattice defects is an effective means to improve the grinding efficiency. Such as slag quenching water and high-pressure roller mill pre-crushing squeeze has been widely used. In the plastic deformation range, the strain is first developed along the sliding surface which is occupied by the defect of the crystal structure. With the increase of the humidity of the grinding area, the mobility of the interface atoms is enhanced, which will make the partial enlargement of the defect heal and is not conducive to the process of grinding.In time to remove the heat from the grinding area and reduce the temperature in the mill to improve the grinding efficiency.

The strength of the solid particles can be reduced under high frequency cyclic compliance,This is a cyclical load resulting fatigue damage and fracture particles along the weakest parts of the structure sake. High-speed impact with a vibration mill and mixing mill to complete the ultrafine grinding is the use of this principle.The finer particles are crushed, the higher the frequency of action, the high energy dispersion and dispersion of ultrasonic wave is the same.

The actual strength of the material particles of crusher is related to its size factor. With more and more fine particles change, the difficulty of its crushing also increased sharply. The grinding process is mainly to develop and produce structural defects, and the smaller the particle size, the strength of the body is improved. The actual limit of grinding fineness is about several hundred nanometers, which is further crushed by the formation and development of new defects in the ideal crystal structure.