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Dolomite production line

Dolomite is widely used in building materials, ceramics, glass and refractory materials, chemical industry, agriculture, environmental protection, energy saving and other fields. With the development of science and technology, the improvement of production technology, the improvement of filler application technology and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the dolomite industry in China has been developing continuously. As a major production and marketing of dolomite, China not only to meet the needs of domestic industrial production, but also has been exported abroad, and showing a good development trend. Dolomite application market prospect. Hongke, grinding equipment as a total solution provider of the most valuable, focus on non-metallic mineral processing for 30 years, has a very high attainments in dolomite processing.

Processing technology

Dolomite powder is generally divided into coarse dolomite powder processing (0 – 3MM), fine powder processing (20 -400 mesh), and superfine powder deep processing of dolomite (400 -1250 mesh) and powder processing (1250 mesh 3250 mesh) four types.
The first stage: broken
Dolomite material by the crusher to enter the mill feed fineness (15mm-50mm).
The second stage: Milling
The crushed dolomite pieces of material via hoist to the bunker, and then by the uniform quantitative vibration feeder into the grinding chamber for grinding.
Selection of fine powder processing mill.
The third stage: grading
After the grinding of the material by the selection of the powder machine grading, not qualified powder was selected after the powder classifier to return the host to re grinding.
Fourth stage: powder collection
Comply with the fineness of powder with the gas flowing through the pipeline into the dust collector were isolated and collected, finished powder from the outlet of the conveying device is sent to the finished product bin, and then unified with the powder tank or automatic packaging machine for packaging.
Core processing equipment

Our customers

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dolomite processingA Paint Company Dolomite Broken Projects In Tengchong, Yunnan
Processing materials: Dolomite
Output: 8t/h
Equipment: jaw crusher, milling machine
Customer feedback:
We are processing the dolomite is putty powder. After the operation of the equipment, all the normal operation, to ensure that the daily output and market supply, but also to ensure that the higher economic efficiency of enterprises.
Shandong dolomite mill production lineShandong Dolomite Mill Production Line
Processing materials: Dolomite
Output: 10t/h
Device configuration: jaw crusher, milling machine
Customer feedback:
Since we use the jaw crusher Acer can supply, diameter of less than 100 km downstream customer demand, visible production efficiency is very high, a lot of money for us.