Starting Improve Jaw Crusher Life From Design Selection

Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher working mechanism is working chamber movable jaw and fixed jaw constituted composition, moving jaw and fixed jaw under enormous friction breaking force and material, easily worn to protect the jaw, generally moving jaw and fixed jaw surface mount wear lining, this lining is also known as broken boards. Broken plate surface is usually made of tooth, broken tooth plate peak angle of 90 ° ~ 120 °, its size is determined by the nature of the material to be broken and the block may be, crushing bulk materials, the angle should be bigger; crushing small block material, the angle can be smaller. The size of the pitch depends on the product size, typically taking about equal to the width of the discharge port, tooth height and pitch ratio taken as 1/2 ~ 1/3. In operation, the two parts of the broken plate at the rate of wear is not the same, wear out faster than the lower portion of the upper part of the crushing plate jaw crusher work, direct contact with the material under enormous crushing force and friction materials, life of broken plate is directly related to the efficiency and cost of production of jaw crusher, therefore, to extend the service life of jaw crusher crushing plate is particularly important. Strengthen the jaw broken broken plate life can be considered from the design, material selection, assembly and use of the process of improvement and so on.
 1 design, selection
At design time, the movable jaw plate and fixed jaw broken teeth should peak to valley teeth. Thus, the crushing of the material in addition to compression, there is bending, the material relatively easily broken. In order to strengthen the life of the broken plate sized crushers are designed to plate vertically symmetrical shape, wear after the current portion can turn around to use; a large jaw crusher broken board design symmetrical to each other a few, can wear to after the broken plate replacement use. Broken plate material can choose white cast iron. White cast iron greater hardness, good wear resistance, easy to source cheap; drawback is brittle, easily broken, life is short. In order to improve the life of the broken plate material used more than 12% of manganese manganese steel better, commonly used is ZGMn13. Manganese steel toughness is good, although the hardness is not high (about 210 HB), but because of having work hardening characteristics under pressure will continue to be strengthened, it is constantly at work wear and continue to strengthen until not to wear use only scrapped. Manganese steel casting broken plate after going through the water toughening treatment, substantially the same operation as quenching water toughening treatment, that is out of manganese steel casting broken plate heated to 1 000 ~ 1 100 ℃ after rapid cooling in water. It can be obtained after water toughening treatment uniform microstructure, and the microstructure fixed, avoiding naturally occurring in the use of phase change leaving the performance deteriorated. The disadvantage of manganese is more expensive, but the service life, cost and other aspects of the overall consideration, ZGMn13 than white cast iron long life, low cost.
2 assembly
When assembled, the broken plate must be firmly attached to the jaw plate pad level should be between the two, use soft metals (such as lead, zinc, etc.) between the plate and the jaw crusher for gaskets and bolted. Crusher work, there should be no broken plate loosening, or easily broken or worn broken plate, reducing the life of the broken plate. So, be sure to install the breaker plate when assembled, thereby extending the life of the broken plate.
3 to enhance the use of the process to improve the life of the breaker plate
In the production process, with the broken plate material direct effect crushing force is high, particularly when broken greater hardness of the material, resulting in broken bolt installation vibration plate, nut loose, so that broken plate wear and tear and have a great noise, severe broken plate or break off making equipment downtime, affecting the normal production. In such cases, just before starting to tighten the bolts and nuts are not completely solve the problem, according to the actual situation at the scene to analyze specific issues, trying to take practical solution to the problem. For example, a spring damping device locking plate solve broken loose at work, thus prolonging the life of broken plate, improve work efficiency. This is done using a spring made of bolts loosening and anti-self-tightening means by a gland in the spring, springs, outer spring gland composition, the wear this device tighten the nut on the bolt, nut since the spring is compressed to a certain extent after a very strong anti-vibration effect, loosen the bolts powered by huge crushing force generated by spring tension automatically compensate, so Buzhi Yu bolts loose, thus extending the life of broken plate, improve production efficiency. In short, in the course can think of specific solutions to specific problem situations, to prevent broken plate loosening, increased wear, breakage, etc., in order to extend the life of broken plate, reduce costs and improve efficiency.
4 Conclusion
Strengthen the jaw broken broken plate life from design selection, assembly, use process improvement aspects, can well strengthen the jaw broken broken plate life, which increases jaw crusher production efficiency, reduce production costs.