Simulation Optimization Technology In Jaw Crusher Design

Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is mine production, construction materials and processing equipment, one of the major chemical production polymerization, it is widely used in various metal and nonmetal mining, chemical and mineral cement, building materials and other materials, production and processing. In recent years, with mine production and materials processing some new theory proposed, the user wishes granular ore crushing stage can get more granular, blocks of better products as much as possible. In addition, with the advent of the global mineral depleted phenomenon, under the premise of maintaining or increasing the amount of a variety of metals and non-metallic mineral, ore processing requirements will greatly increase the amount, which is crushing equipment put forward higher requirements, but also face more big challenge. Undoubtedly, the current backward jaw crusher can not undertake production tasks in the new period, we must develop high-performance, low power consumption of the new jaw crusher.
Abroad from late last century using computer simulation technology jaw crusher mechanism, chamber type, output and wear optimized, developed a free plug point, low height, light weight, the product grain shape, and high yield high performance, low power consumption of the new jaw crusher, thus greatly improving the performance of the crusher, shorten product development cycles, improve the market competitiveness of products. However, domestic research on simulation and optimization design of jaw crusher is mainly limited to specific types of jaw crusher to prepare the corresponding program to optimize the design of these programs are mostly poor reusability can only solve a particular type of specific issues. However, optimize content crusher is based on different customer needs change frequently, so optimization simulation design work often have to repeat a lot of programming work and cumbersome, time-consuming, but also extend the product development cycle. This paper attempts to use advanced kinematics and dynamics simulation tool for the design of new jaw crusher for rapid development of mechanism design simulation and optimization design parameters, thus greatly reducing the workload simulation design and shorten the product development cycle, improve the simulation model reuse. Advanced kinematics and dynamics In this paper, simulation and optimization design software ADAMS for new complex pendulum jaw crusher mechanism design simulation and optimization, its main task is to optimize the crusher, the horizontal and vertical discharge opening stroke and stroke characteristic coefficients, thereby crusher improve capacity, reduce the weight of the crusher, the crusher to enhance structural strength, crusher liner wear is reduced, thus greatly improving the performance of the crusher.