Silicon-manganese Alloy Crusher – Special Report

Jaw Crusher

Manganese silicon alloy is a common compound used in steelmaking, is composed of manganese, silicon, iron and a small amount of carbon and other elements of the alloy, its application in the market demand has been rising. The crushing process, usually used in silicon manganese alloy crusher, the introduction of the full range of acer.

Structural composition

Silicon-manganese Alloy crusher  structure
Silicon manganese alloy crusher which is mainly composed of a regulating device, jaw plate and a side guard plate, frame, transmission parts, flywheel, lubrication device components, equipment including fixed jaws and dynamic jaw were made by jaw bed and jaw plate composition, the eccentric shaft is silicon manganese alloy crusher spindle, flywheel and rack components using cast steel material. The whole structure of complete and reasonable, is conducive to the processing of silicon manganese alloy.

Equipment characteristics

1 high stability. Hongke technology personnel through the optimization for the whole equipment structure and the balance weight, to determine the weight of the flywheel, a groove wheel structure and a counterweight block, such models are also on the vibration has been greatly improved, compared with the traditional equipment has higher stability.
2 easy to operate. Silicon manganese alloy crusher using traditional shim adjustment, and according to the equipment is equipped with auxiliary Dinggang, simplify the discharge port adjusting operation, on the other hand, lubrication system design in order to ensure the reliable lubrication of the premise, greatly reducing the operation difficulty.
3 easy maintenance. Silicon manganese alloys crusher structure design give full consideration to the elbow board replacement operation, and select the advanced jaw plate and the side guard plate fixing bolt system, jaw plate and edge support plate is fixed more reliable replacement more convenient and quick.
4 broken effect is good. Silicomanganese alloy crusher of grinding process is in ferro silicon manganese alloy material composition and breaking characteristics, the long-term stability of the particle size, uniform, particle type was granular and powdered materials rarely.

Equipment price

Silicon manganese alloys crushing machine price first and types are closely related, types of the corresponding prices are also high; but also related to the supply and demand situation and the equipment supply market situation and silicon manganese alloy. This is users often ignore the factor. , of course, the price and quality of equipment manufacturers, production cost and other factors related, so specific silicon manganese alloy broken machine price, the user can directly online consulting service or call request for quotation.