Self Balancing Advantages Of Impact Crusher

impact crusher

Crushing machine working process due to the deflection of hammer will change, the quality of the rotor, hammer distribution of wear and mineral bonding, design and manufacture generated in the process of original unbalance reasons will make the broken chance imbalances, resulting in vibration equipment, reduce the service life of the equipment. The impact crusher is very similar to the automatic balancing device of the centrifugal force oscillator on the structure. The following is the research and analysis of this kind of self balancing phenomenon by the experts of crusher factory.
The principle of automatic balance device of impact crusher centrifugal force oscillator is the use of the automatic centering principle of rotor. Taking the automatic balancing device with two vibrator as an example, each vibrator can rotate around the hinge point. In the absence of eccentricity, the vibrator will be arranged in a radial direction under the action of centrifugal force, and the vibration can not be balanced or eccentric. Under the condition of eccentric distance, when the critical speed is running, the position of the vibrator is far away from the vibration center, which plays the role of reducing the original eccentricity. In the sub critical speed will increase the degree of eccentricity, so that the amplitude of the oscillator system is increased, which is detrimental to the system. It is a disc is equivalent to an automatic balance device 6 oscillators with, at the critical speed, oscillator will play a role in reducing the original unbalance, namely, to reduce the vibration of the system, which for the system is extremely beneficial. While running in the subcritical speed, automatic deflection of hammer hammer will make the system produce huge vibration. In the design of the impact crusher, it should be in the running state of the critical speed. If run at the critical speed, a large vibration peak (resonance) will appear in the process of starting and stopping, so the critical speed value can be determined by a simple experimental device. Therefore, in the design, so that it can play the role of automatic balance of vibration damping, which also provides a great reference value for how to achieve the vibration reduction of the rotor system of the crusher.