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We are a professional rotary kiln manufacturer in China, providing flowchart and installation service
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Energy-saving and environmental protection active lime rotary kiln production line, the main equipment includes vertical preheater, transfer chute, rotary kiln, vertical cooler, multi-channel pulverized coal combustion device and other equipment. The whole system has high automation, high labor productivity and good quality of lime products. It is an advanced production system in the field of active lime production.

We are a professional rotary kiln manufacturer in China, providing flowchart and installation service. According to different fuels, rotary kiln can be classified into gas-fired rotary kiln, oil-fired rotary kiln and coal-fired rotary kiln. It is widely used for different materials with a processing capacity of 180-1, 000 tons per day, a dimension ofφ2.5×40m-φ4.8×68m and cement production capacity of 50-1000t/d, being easy to operate and durable in use.

Inner Structure and Advantages of Lime Kiln(limestone kiln)

Active lime kiln is a type of rotary kiln and it is the main equipment used for calcining active lime. This equipment is mainly composed of cylinder, supporting device, supporting device with catch wheel, transmission device, lubrication device, mobile kiln head and sealing device at the end of the kiln with the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and easy control of the production process.

Attention to maintenance rotary lime kiln:

1. Check cleaning and oiling of supporting roller bearing or bushing.

2. Check leakage of circulating water system.

3. Check wearing and lubrication of transmission reducer and gear of rotary lime kiln.

4. Check cylinder body for crack, wearing of tie plate and tightness of bole of each part.

5. Check seal wearing of end and tail of rotary kiln.

6. Check wearing and service condition of kiln lining within lime kiln.

Lime Rotary Kiln Process

Lime Rotary Kiln Process