Research On Overload Protection Of Hydraulic System Of Jaw Crusher

big jaw crusher

Jaw crusher crushing equipment is now widely used in various industries, for crushing all kinds of different hardness, different types of materials, so jaw crusher during operation, it is inevitable that there will be overload. This requires the device itself should have good self-protection systems, so that the device can be safely run, the failure rate is maintained at a low level.

The common overload protection method of jaw crusher and its development jaw crusher crushing operation condition is extremely bad, the work load fluctuation is very big, the peak load usually is 3 times above average load. Often man-made material or because of the crushing cavity into very hard and strong can not be broken material (such as iron, hereinafter referred to as barrier material) and the danger of overloading of sudden large amplitude. To this end, a jaw crusher with a more targeted overload protection, the development so far, are mainly used in the following ways.

  • Break the law bracket:set bracket set low intensity frangible points, that occurred in the crusher overload, stress bracket sensitive area due to a sharp rise in stress and to limit themselves to break, cut off the power transmission and prevent damage to the machine.
  • This traditional overload protection, simple structure, easy to manufacture. However, due to the bracket (usually cast iron) mechanical properties are volatile and subject to restrictions calculation accuracy can not be precise quantitative control break point, practical applications are often overloaded and lack of protection. Moreover, even if the overload is protected,because of the accident in the state of the crusher, before cleaning, machine disassembly and replacement parts are not running, it will inevitably cause flow interruption, delays in production.