impact crusher

Stone Crusher

Production capacity:1-1, 200t/h
Feature:simple structure, easy to manufacture, reliable working condition

Product Description

Stone crusher, crusher can be used in stone crushing, crushing, fine, the crushed material can also were again fine grinding, stone crusher is widely used in mineral processing, sand, coal production and other industrial production line. The stone crusher is widely used in the highway construction, water conservancy project and construction with the stone processing and so on with its excellent performance and good performance.

Stone crusher working principle

Stone feed into the mouth, moving downward along the plate, ore in the process by high-speed rotating rotor hard alloy hammer impact crusher, broken material at high speed along the tangent direction fly first counterattack plate, stone to being broken, counterattack plate and other ore ore hit back and behind the rotor thrown out of the collision, stone due to repeated impact is broken, from the crushing machine bottom discharge.

Stone crusher advantage

It is an ideal equipment for the production of sand, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate in the engineering field. It can produce a large amount of powder ore in the mining field, and it is widely used in the grinding process, and reduce the high cost of grinding load. The low wear characteristics of stone crusher excellent, the device has high abrasion and disintegration of production by two. Zero pollution, stone crusher can be well adapted to the production of quartz sand and other high purity materials, production capacity of 10-500t/h, rock crusher can almost meet any production requirements.