Single-stage Crusher

Single-stage Crusher

Production capacity: 100–420 t/h
Feeding granularity: ≤800–≤1250 mm
Product granularity: <3–8 mm
Power: 160–630 kw
Material handling: limestone, shale, gypsum, coal, etc


Product Description

Single-stage crusher is mainly used for crushing brittle minerals, such as limestone, coal, argillaceous siltstone, shale, gypsum and so on. This series of crusher is a special crusher for cement production, which is suitable for crushing of limestone (marble) and clay mixtures, and which can also be used for crushing coal. Single-stage crusher is suitable for the crushing of limestone, marl, sandstone, shale, gypsum, coal and other raw materials that the compressive strength is not more than 150 MPa. This crusher can crush the lump ores in the quarry plant to the granularity needed in the mill at a time so as to replace the traditional two-stage crushing, simplify the process and save investment in infrastructure and production costs.

The features of Single-stage Crusher

Single-stage crusher has the features of large feeding size and high crushing ratio, which can crush to a chunk of ore to granularity needed in the mill at a time in order to simplify the production system of multi-stage crushing to single stage crushing. Compared with conventional two-stage crushing system, it can save one-time investment 45%, reduce the weight of 32.5% of workshop equipment and ore crushing costs by 40%, which is of Simple operation and convenient maintenance, thus improving the labor intensity of workers. So, as long as the physical nature of the ore is suitable, it is a more economical and reliable solution to use this machine as a large scale mining equipment.

Advantages of single-stage crusher

This series single-stage crusher is a new generation high-efficient crusher designed and manufactured by introducing German advanced technology and optimal designing and structure improving. After many years of use and improvement, it has been developed to relatively mature fourth generation product. This single-stage crusher can crush the mined large-sized ores to the granularity of an average of 5mm for only one time, and it is the ideal product for replacing traditional two-stage and three-stage crushing method, thus simplifying the production process and saving infrastructure investment and production cost.