Overload Protection Work Flow Of Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher

Overload protection work flow of jaw crusher
(1) normal work
Normal work, jaw crusher thrust plate in the working cylinder pressure is lower than the hydraulic cylinder thrust, the action valve is in the upper limit, the thrust plate does not produce movement, jaw crusher normal crushing material;
(2) overload protection
When the jaw jaw crusher crushing chamber into the non broken objects, breaking force increases, at jaw jaw type crushing machine thrust plate on the cylinder pressure is higher than can be provided by the hydraulic cylinder thrust and to the oil cylinder of high pressure oil cavity pressure transiently elevated, the throttle valve the valve action, drainage system (hydraulic cylinder), thrust plate limit maximum thrust (i.e. maximum crushing force) and protect the machine;
(3) trouble shooting
Non broken material into the crushing chamber, owing to limiting the maximum thrust by the working cylinder can provide, retraction of the piston is shifted to the right, corresponding jaw type crusher row ore mouth increases, the engagement of the moving jaw jaw crusher, the non crushing matter gradually downward movement and eventually from the row ore mouth discharge, automatically exclude the crushing cavity in the non crushing matter. If the “product” in the broken cavity is not qualified, it can be eliminated by the auxiliary device;
(4) automatic recovery
When the non crushing matter automatically excluded, the piston is in a retracted position, due to the broken down, the valve action in no cavity transient high pressure make the spool recovery limit position, no longer the system oil drain; at the same time, plunger type injection pump in the oil pressure regulating device to the oil pump of the oil pumping system, until the work cylinder piston left moved to limit position. At this point, jaw crusher to resume normal work