More And More Large-scale Infrastructure Has Brought A New Atmosphere To Crushing Industry


In the present development of large-scale infrastructure construction construction environment, crushing machine industry market emergency needs amount of relatively large. At present, in the mining machinery, mining market will mine equipment continued rapid growth, thereby increasing the crusher market needs, and emergency used in mineral processing, building material industry of two-stage crushing fight back type crushing machine are missing, specifications less, so the effect of the growth of construction of cement and foundation construction method. Secondly, in highway and railway operation, follow highway construction planning planning and construction of cement and the fundamental approach to the construction of growth must pull broken machine industry new increase. Hongke is specializing in the production of various specifications crusher manufacturers, especially cone crusher as one of the company’s flagship product, market demand and customer requirements, from time to time toward high efficiency and energy saving, low carbon and environmental aspects of development, has been favored by the vast number of old and new customers.
Crusher breaking effect, such as low yield, small, currently, alternative grate plate gap left between the counter plate hammer adjustment and gap. Instead, we should by the narrow gap between the grate (lower left) inverse plate and transfer of small hammer or replacement. Feed first small after the big size, in the first slow pace of fast, 1 hours, and gradually realize the rated output. Overload is not a long time, otherwise, the bearings run well, seriously affect the life of the machine.
In order to improve the utilization rate of recycling of construction waste, Hongke introduction of advanced mobile concrete crushing, screening technology, to remove down waste concrete by crushing machine for processing into a commodity concrete aggregate, building block set, road to fill the shop materials, concrete set of material, not with the use of recycled aggregate in recent years, with the warming of the global climate, year-round glaciers begin to melt, the sea level gradually increased, home to generations of human life will be threatened.