Material Analysis Of Impact Crusher Hammer

impact crusher

The person inside the industry know that impact crusher plate hammer working conditions are bad, especially in the high hardness and strength are broken material, for the plate hammer the tenacity of material requirement is very high. In general, the impact crusher plate hammer will be used mainly three kinds of material: high manganese steel, alloy steel materials, high-chrome cast iron.

High manganese steel has more than 100 years’ history, good toughness, work hardening occurs under strong impact; alloy steel material with high toughness, low cost, good wear resistance advantages, but in practical applications, due to fewer reserves, can not to meet the demand; long life and high chromium cast iron but not enough toughness, easy to break. In summary, the present, the Eastern bloc crusher manufacturers crusher hammer high manganese steel reinforced, high abrasion resistance, long life, fully meet the production needs.