Marketing Reflection From “the Spread Of Bees”


Bees are known as is one of the most industrious animal, they are anthophagous, in pollen when they also plant pollination, pollen fall on flowers, plants produce cross pollination. It is the “spread of bees” for these plants to bring the opportunity to breed. Therefore, the bees are known as the excellent communicator.
In the marketing sector, there is a kind of marketing method called word-of-mouth marketing, also known as viral marketing. This marketing approach is to rely on the spread of word of mouth to form a corporate reputation, with low, high efficiency characteristics, the enterprise only has a good reputation, to more rapid development. From the spread of bees, we are not difficult to know the company’s reputation marketing needs of the same as the same as the spread of bees. Therefore, enterprises in the word of mouth marketing, to find suitable and happy for their dissemination of reputation of excellent communicators, otherwise not only can not reach the expected effect of word of mouth, but also for the enterprise to bring a negative reputation.

the Spread Of Bees
In addition to excellent communicators, corporate reputation marketing also need to pay attention to the spread of content and communication tools. First of all, the dissemination of the contents to ensure its authenticity, word-of-mouth behavior is not only a false myth immoral, will have the opposite effect, damage the image of the enterprise, tarnished the reputation of the enterprise, bring more negative word-of-mouth, so for the enterprise, the dissemination of the contents to be true, enterprises should integrity; secondly, with certain communication tools and with the development of modern network technology, the internet word-of-mouth, internet word-of-mouth is the so-called Internet advertising, blog tools such as word of mouth, and with these tools enterprise reputation marketing will be more fast and convenient.
As a crusher enterprise, Hongke attaches great importance to marketing, in the long-term development has accumulated rich experience, for everyone here to share several points: one is the word-of-mouth marketing content to be unique, so as to attract attention all the media in this era of rampant; the two is to establish a good reputation based on the quality of products and services. The production of all kinds of Hongke crusher and other processing equipment, advanced technology, quality assurance, in the industry have a good reputation, welcome customers to come to visit.