Jaw Crusher Lubricating Parts Daily Maintenance Measures

Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher operator, must carry out safety technical education.
When running, the machine is strictly prohibited to make people, hand touch the body, adjustment, cleaning or maintenance, etc.;
Jaw type crushing machine equipment should be grounded, the wire should reliable insulation, and installed in a snakeskin bag, always check the electrical wiring is wear and leakage.
The jaw crusher lubrication system is used to lubricate the lubricating oil to the lubrication point of the machine (the machine is a total of 4 lubrication points, respectively, four bearings.)
Jaw crusher lubrication methods are as follows:
(1) in order to ensure the normal operation of machine and prolong the service life, should be regularly lubricated. (general every 3-5 days time). ?
(2) the grease should be added to the 50%-70% of the volume of the bearing seat, every 3-6 months to replace once. While changing the lubricating grease used clean petrol or kerosene carefully cleaning roller bearing of rolling and so on spot cleaning should be open when the bearing seat of the oil.
(3) the machine with grease should be decided according to the machine using area, and climate conditions, generally with calcium base, sodium or calcium sodium base grease, grease is dry, use diluted oil and grease to reconcile after use.
(4) between the elbow plate and the elbow pad, only a proper amount of grease can be added to the joint in the assembly or repair.
At the same time in order to make the sliding bearing produced minimal wear, in the axle neck and bearing of the interaction between the friction surfaces must establish liquid friction, necessary condition is suitable clearance and adequate supply of lubricating oil, the shaft neck must have sufficiently high rotational speed, oiling hole and an oil slot should design the bearing area.