Jaw Crusher For Crushing Slate

Jaw Crusher

Slate is the biggest feature is the high hardness, rigid, and for common crusher for crushing stone have three, crushing, break and broken, the jaw crusher is one of the most common and universal broken king. Some users will ask, slate, breaking, selecting type jaw crusher equipment, how?
Generally, we will according to the customer’s needs and the nature of the ore to selective crushing equipment, slate with plate structure, hardness of about 5, the compressive strength 98-196MPa, and jaw crusher mainly used for crushing various ores and bulk materials of medium size, broken compressive strength is not more than 320MPa materials. From this point of view, slate selection of jaw type crusher is the right choice.
Among them, the selection of jaw crusher is mainly due to the strong performance of the equipment, mainly in the following aspects:
1 compact structure, unique design. Unique jaw head structure, sealed to ensure, in the processing of slate, prolong the service life of the bearing; unique flywheel design, effectively reduce the vibration, machine run more smoothly.
2 discharge port adjusting device. The device using gasket discharging opening adjustment device, convenient and reliable, adjustment range, increases the equipment in the coarse crushing slate flexibility.
3 high efficiency and energy saving, long service life. The jaw crusher used in the crushing cavity and no dead zone, improve the ability and the production of feed broken than large, broken slate products granularity uniform; new circuit design, matching pump to use, operation and maintenance more convenient, more efficient.
4 integral casting, high safety factor. Slate jaw crusher adopts an integral cast, with a new assembly process to and the frame with to perfect, radial strength is increased.
From the above advantages of the jaw crusher, jaw crusher broken slate selection equipment is preferred.
Generally speaking, due to the high hardness of the slate material is hard, so in the broken when first to use the jaw crusher to rough broken, after rough after the destruction of the material can be aimed at a different granularity to strike back type crushing machine and efficient finely machine carries on the shaping and blows to smash. Hongke of crushing equipment all are produced, crushing all kinds of ore crusher is used as, model complete, reasonable price, users can free counseling and details.