Jaw Crusher Abnormal Vibration Cause Analysis

Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher and other crushing equipment is the most widely used one kind of machine. Jaw crusher in the use of the process, the phenomenon may be caused by abnormal vibration.
Causes this kind of abnormal phenomenon, by the crusher factory for you to explain its reason:
First of all, the basis of the examination is not a problem. To see how the solid foundation bolts, there is no loose, if loose to be tightened in a timely manner.
Second, look at the eccentricity in a position that is in the direction of the 1 o’clock. If not, it needs to be adjusted.
Third, check the spindle is no problem. If the deformation or complete, you need to replace the new spindle in a timely manner.
Finally, check whether the swing jaw is too large, too large to cause the crusher vibration.