Install Buffer Means To Reduce The Roller Crusher Shock

roller crusher

Roller crusher for crushing limestone, during installation, the aircraft was found empty at runtime, 16t heavy movable jaw swinging force greater, resulting in the adjustment of the thrust plate seat a large impact force, the body and infrastructure has greatly felt. Thrust plate and thrust plate between the seat pad wear is also more than the normal level. By adjusting the tension of the spring, the situation has not improved.
     So, we add an adjustment between the plate and the plate the same size as the conveyor belt cushion. After start running, empty body and foundation felt basically eliminated, running with load, only when the broken chunks of limestone, have felt certain, but it is much smaller than before, the buffer effect is obvious. After running a station class, I found easy adjustment plate shot up after the adjustment plate above it, solder the two clips, eliminating the adjustment plate sprang problems.
     Through a period of operation, the conveyor belt is still intact, indicating that digestion vibration method is feasible.