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Joint colleges and universities to grasp the technology front end

Hongke has always insisted excelsior work style, adhere to the world seeking resources, the core technology of high-end, adhere to independent research and development, Hongke to create brand products.
In the research of theory and technology, the combination of experimental research and computer 3D design will become a more important research means. To make the research process of mining machinery from design, manufacture, test, use and maintenance to the management of the whole process will be highly automated and modern working process. In recent years, CAD software and PRO/E 3D design software for mining machinery is the main means of design.

Hongke and the United States Auburn University (Ginn) to establish a cooperative project

University CooperationAuburn University, founded in 1856, is located in the state of Alabama, the Auburn University city. Today, the number of registered students to 24100 people, is the largest campus in the state. The largest city of Atlanta from the southeast about 1.5 hours. In 1967, the establishment of campus in Montgomerie, the number of students at the Auburn University stadium, the number of students is 5408. Auburn University offers degrees in more than and 130 fields and offers the state’s only public support programs in many fields, including agriculture, forestry, machinery, architecture, architecture, pharmacy and veterinary medicine. Especially in the literature, science, mathematics, business, education and mechanical engineering and other colleges have a strong research projects.

Technology Research And Development

Hongke Research InstituteHongke Research Institute
Hongke Research Institute in 2003 to strengthen the development of new product research and development, improve R & D efficiency, deepen the depth of R & D professional set up. At present, the Red Star mining machinery research by Dr., master, senior engineer, and so on nearly 300 technical personnel composition of R & D. The development of first-class modern office equipment, garden style office environment, the accumulation of the technical personnel of the force, has become the domestic with the industry’s largest, the degree of specialization and the most varieties of hydraulic crawler crane research and development base of. Named provincial technical center, engineering technology research center, innovation and demonstration enterprises in Henan province.

The design of Hongke company to complete the product drawings by PRO/E-CAD. Through the three-dimensional design software Pro / E can be established between the various components of the visual assembly, and assembly simulation, the verification process in advance, low input protection advanced product quality; in addition, through the Pro / E can will view 3D into 2D CAD drawings, complete different range of view and parts of each part of the technical requirements. CAD can reflect parts of some technical parameters and assembly relation, thus to assembly personnel can according to 2D view accurate completion of the assembly to provide operating instructions assure batch production process, so as to achieve higher quality.

International Co-operation

International route

Green industry, the internationalization of the line has been one of the strategic thinking of Hongke
Hongke people know that the product quality can not be guaranteed, is to hit their own jobs. The philosophy of “zero defect transfer”, “beautiful shipbuilding”, “according to the program office, according to the standard dry”, to implement the specific work to, asked responsibility form through quality supervision, quality assessment, quality of rewards and punishments, quality, promote the concept of deepening, causes the staff to form a habit of good quality.
international co-operationA strong brand, is a kind of quality and service of the interpretation, but also a recognition of the market. Quality and service as the basis of the brand, determine the amount of the brand. In 2012, Hongke further enhance product quality, after-sales services to enhance the ability, improve the service station construction, achieve Hongke service capacity upgrades in the round, with a responsible attitude for the user provided beyond the expectations of quality of mining machinery products and services is Hongke unremitting pursuit.

Hongke strive to the most advanced technology, the most high-end talent, the most advanced the concept of fusion to the development process of the enterprise, Hongke the pace of internationalization, internationalization strategy, the internationalization development provides the most favorable support, ensure that Hongke partners in the world the most suitable Hongke products.