9 major problems and solutions of jaw crusher in use

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Jaw crusher is commonly known as jaw crusher, also known as tiger mouth. It is an early crushing equipment, because of its simple structure, sturdy, reliable work, easy maintenance and repair, and relatively low production and construction costs, so it is still widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other sectors. Due to the harsh working environment of the jaw crusher, some problems or failures are easy to occur during the use process. The following are 9 major problems and solutions that are prone to occur during the use of the jaw crusher.

1. The broken tooth plate shakes, and the sound of metal impact can be heard.

       Cause: The lining plate of the crushing chamber or the crushing tooth plate is loose, and the fixing bolts are loose or broken.

       Solution: stop and check, hit the fixing wedge on the side wall with a hammer, and then tighten the fixing bolt or replace the damaged bolt.

2. The impact sound is generated in the thrust plate support pad.

       Cause: Insufficient or damaged spring tension, wear in the thrust plate support pad.

       Solution: adjust the spring tension or replace the spring, replace the support pad or thrust plate.

3. The head of the connecting rod produces impact sound.

       Cause: The eccentric shaft bushing is worn.

       Solution: re-scrape or replace the bushing.

4. The particle size of crushed products increases

       Cause: The lower part of the broken tooth plate is seriously worn.

       Solution: adjust the discharge port, reduce the size of the discharge port, or replace the crushing tooth plate by 180 degrees.

5. After the iron is passed, the jaw stops swinging, the connecting rod swings back and forth, and the tie rod spring is loose.

       Cause: The thrust plate is damaged or the rivet is cut when the iron is passed.

       Solution: replace the new force board. Strengthen the iron removal work, and strictly prohibit non-broken objects from falling into the crushing cavity.

6. The thrust plate falls off from the support pad

       Cause: The tie rod or the tie rod spring is damaged, and the tie rod nut is tripped.

       Solution: Replace the damaged parts and reinstall the thrust plate.

7. The flywheel swings significantly, and the eccentric shaft rotates slowly.

       Cause: The connection key between the pulley and the eccentric shaft is loose or damaged.

       Solution: Replace the coupling key.

8. The rolling bearing is hot.

       Causes and solutions: if the oil is insufficient, it should be added; if the oil quality is not good, the oil should be changed; if the assembly is too tight, it should be adjusted; if the belt is too tight, it should be loosened.

9. After the power is turned on, the host cannot turn up.

       Cause: The motor is burnt or disconnected, and the belt is too loose.

       Solution: overhaul the motor or tighten the belt.

       The above is about the 9 major problems and solutions that are likely to occur during the use of jaw crushers. If you want to know more about jaw crushers, please call or online consultation, leave a message, Hongke Heavy Industry will send professionals to answer your questions.