There Are So Many Types of Crushers, Have You Chosen the Right One?

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The crusher is mainly used for crushing and forming soft, medium hard and extremely hard stone. There are many models and types of crushers, so when the crushed materials are different, they may be adapted to different types of crushers, and the parameters such as discharge and feed of different crushers are also different. In daily production, the most used crusher equipment are jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, etc. Choosing a suitable crusher equipment can not only reduce the crushing time and material waste, but also help the wear and tear of the crusher equipment. Below we briefly introduce:

1. Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of different crusher equipment

1. Jaw Crusher

       Advantages: low price, easy to manufacture, strong applicability, simple structure and convenient maintenance.

       Disadvantages: small crushing ratio, inconsistent crushing, uneven feeding, low efficiency, etc.

2. Impact crusher

       Advantages: The crushing ratio is large, the crushed material has a good particle shape, and the discharge particle size is adjustable.

       Disadvantages: The lining plate is easy to wear, resulting in increased replacement and maintenance workload and serious dust.

3. Cone Crusher

       Advantages: Large crushing ratio, uniform product size, suitable for medium and fine crushing of various ores and rocks, and less dust during operation.

       Disadvantages: The structure is complicated, which makes the maintenance work complicated, and the price is relatively expensive.

4. Hammer Crusher

       Advantages: simple structure, easy operation, light equipment weight, convenient maintenance.

       Disadvantages: The hammer head of the crusher wears quickly, so the production cost is increased.

Second, what factors need to be considered when choosing a crusher

1. The hardness of the material

       Different types of materials have different hardness. The greater the hardness, the higher the difficulty of crushing. For crushing hard or medium-hard ores, jaw crushers should be selected as primary crushing equipment. For medium-hard or soft ores, jaw crushers should be selected Impact crusher or cone crusher.

2. Specifications of materials

       If the size of the material is relatively large, the jaw crusher should be used as the primary crushing equipment. When the size of the stone is relatively small, other crushing equipment should be selected for combination, such as jaw crusher plus impact crusher or cone crusher. machine.

3. The humidity of the material

       When choosing a crusher, you should also pay attention to the moisture content of the material. The moisture content will lead to an increase in the humidity of the material, thereby increasing the viscosity of the material, reducing the discharge speed of the material, and reducing the production line rate. In severe cases, the discharge port may be blocked, causing the crusher to block materials and affecting the normal operation of the sand production line.

4. Incoming and outgoing particle size

       One of the most important factors in choosing the type and grade of crushing equipment is the granularity of incoming and outgoing materials. If the feed particle size is large, but the output particle size is small, it is necessary to use two-stage or multi-stage crushing. If the ore feed particle size is small, multi-stage crushing is generally not required.

       If the material in the crushed material is larger than the size of the discharge port or the ratio to the width of the feed port is large, the ratio of the particle size before and after the material is crushed will be larger, and the crushing ratio to be achieved by the crusher will also increase. This leads to a reduction in the productivity of the crusher. On the contrary, if the crushing ratio is small, the production efficiency of the crusher will increase accordingly.

5. Production requirements

       The output requirement of the production line is an important indicator for determining the crushing equipment. If the customer's production output requirements are larger, the larger the required specifications and models of the crushing equipment, the capital investment and output of the production line will increase.

       The above introduces several factors that need to be considered when choosing a crusher. There are many types of crushers. In the face of a dazzling array of products, how to choose the production equipment that suits you is very important. Production efficiency and good economic benefits. If you want to know more about the crusher, please call or online consultation, leave a message, Hongke Heavy Industry will send professionals to answer your questions.