Impact Crusher Maintenance

impact crusher

Impact crusher is the sand production line and crushing production line in the commonly used crushing equipment, its products are well known for grain type, you want to counterattack crusher long-term stability for your service, good equipment maintenance is very important.
1, in the new machine is put into operation, each class must be completed when the counter-break to conduct a comprehensive inspection.

2, a week after the run against the broken motor, lubrication to conduct a comprehensive inspection. Check the contents of the fixed parts of the fastening, belt drive, bearing seals, backlash liner, liner wear situation check all the place, combined with the maintenance cycle to establish regular maintenance and replacement system.

3, the rotor and backlash liner adjustment: When the impact crusher rotor is running, the rotor and the backlash between the gap can not be adjusted. Such as the retention of material into the block between the counterattack plate and shell, it is recommended to re-adjust the gap between the slightly raised counter stand, so that the feed into the block will become loose, counter-easy frame adjustment. If the counter frame is not enough, you can pat on the relaxed rod (with a piece of wood to protect), the rotor and backlash by the machine to adjust the gap device to complete, first loosen the bolt, and then turn the long nut, The rod will move upwards, adjust the screw sleeve will be tightened.

4, replacement of wearing parts: Impact crusher replacement of wearing parts, the first open after the shelves. Use, first after the shelves and the box in the connection bolts removed, and then wrench screw device to the hexagonal head part of the clamshell device, and then slowly open shelves. At the same time, you can use the rack hanging device hanging above the rear frame. Repeat the process, that is closed after the shelves.

5, plate hammer: counter-break plate hammer wear to a certain extent, should be timely adjusted or replaced, in order to avoid fasteners and other parts of the injury.

6, liner: open the top cover, remove the fixed backlash with the cotter pin, slotted nuts, bolts, you can replace the wear back liner. Such as installing a new counter liner, reverse the above steps immediately.

7, the bearing: the temperature is too high may be due to excessive or insufficient grease, grease dirty, bearing damage, replace the bearing impact crusher in the sand production line to play a crucial step.

Do a good job every detail, is the creation of Hong Ke always adhere to the principle, also hope that users in the use of impact crusher process, fully repair and maintenance, the problem stifled in the bud, to ensure long-term normal impact crusher Smooth operation.