How To Solve The Eccentric Shaft Bending Of The Crusher

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The eccentric shaft is one of the parts that can not be replaced in the jaw crusher, but the bending or breaking phenomenon is caused by the improper use or improper maintenance method in the work. We will provide you the following analysis of jaw crusher eccentric shaft bending machine causes and solutions.
1, Improper lifting machine, the host roll
Rollover prone jaw type crushing machine in the hoisting process, so that the unilateral eccentric axis force is not uniform, resulting in unilateral eccentric shaft bending phenomenon, even fracture accident of eccentric shaft. Therefore, in the process of hoisting, the operation of the jaw crusher personnel should be the correct lifting of the host, to prevent the eccentric shaft due to uneven bending.
2, the reasons for the material
If the input of the jaw crusher to be crushed in the material of large size, high hardness, feed does not meet the standard of jaw crusher, or in the production of iron into the magazine, will increase the impact load of materials on the jaw crusher eccentric shaft, which caused by the bending of the eccentric shaft. Therefore, in the production should pay attention to control the nature of the material, it is clear that the jaw crusher provisions of the nature of the material, does not meet the requirements of the material and other non broken material into the equipment. According to the compressive strength of crushing material, the choice of the crushing machine.
3, elbow plate or substandard plate, non broken material into the crushing chamber since the fault protection. When this kind of situation, should be many aspects of the examination, is strictly prohibited to use not meet the design standards of the elbow, elbow pad.
4, eccentric shaft heat treatment. When the eccentric shaft is not in a timely manner, the stress concentration, which is easy to cause short-term internal fault. At this time the appropriate method is to replace the new eccentric shaft, the use of heat treatment of qualified eccentric shaft.
5, the host has a long run, the equipment aging caused by bending. Replace the new eccentric shaft, adjust the operation load or replace the crusher.
Both ends of the eccentric shaft are respectively provided with a belt wheel and a flywheel, in the work to bear huge bending torque, so the material of the eccentric shaft need strength, toughness and wear resistance is higher, otherwise it will cause the eccentric shaft bending torsion and greater long-term wear.
Acer crusher in the choice of eccentric shaft manufacturing material, are made of carbon steel and alloy steel, carbon steel and alloy steel than cheap, less sensitive to stress concentration, the common carbon steel 45 steel. Alloy steel has high mechanical strength, but also can be hardened, can be used in the transmission of high power and reduce the quality and improve the wear resistance of shaft diameter.
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