How To Select Graystone Crushing Equipment

Graystone crusher

Graystone has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, porosity, hard land, water absorption rate is low, the resistance is strong, crushing value low, so is often used in production cast stone, sand and gravel aggregate, glass and other, international generally believe that he is for the best highway, railway, airport runway, high-rise buildings and other materials. So what are the broken equipment processing graystone? Following on from the technical staff to explain the acer.
Graystone Mohs hardness is 5-7, brittle, crushing value is low, but strong resistance. First, we must first understand broken graystone commonly used crushing equipment with jaw crusher, cone crusher machine and counterattack type crusher, the jaw type crushing machine and cone type crusher adopts is laminated principle, breaking out of the material is flaky, but wear parts wear phase of smaller, counter type crusher by flushing efficiency makes the material crushing, so the wear parts wear more powerful, but it produced product grain shape. Therefore, in the process of broken graystone can be based on the cost of their own early input and the requirements of the product particle shape to make a choice.
Graystone crusher
First, the funds are not well-off, but the requirements for a higher grain shape
In this case, it is recommended to select the jaw crusher and impact crusher two broken graystone, which can not only reduce the cost of input, but also to meet the requirements of the shape of the product.
Two, capital is not enough, the grain is not too high requirements
In this case, it is recommended to use the jaw crusher and cone crusher to break two pieces of broken graystone, one is to meet the cost requirements, the two is to be able to downgrade the wear parts of the crushing equipment wear.
Three, ample funds
Ample funding can be according to the actual needs only to make a choice, here we recommend using jaw crusher, cone crusher machine and counterattack type crusher tertiary crushing to fractured graystone, jaw type crushing machine is used for the early break, cone crusher for two to break the counterattack type crusher for three broken and taking into account the shape of the product. The broken line initial investment cost is high, but in the latter part of the production is can reduce equipment wear parts wear, but can produce grain shape of products, product grain shape, its range of application is wide, with strong market competitiveness, market price is high, therefore, we recommend that customers select such a production line.
Above is Hongke technology personnel according to their own experiences give you advice, users can pattern of their own actual situation to choose graystone crushing production line broken equipment, concrete graystone production line design, installation, debugging, operation details, telephone or online consulting us, we provide you with 24 hours of service.