How To Prevent Crusher Heat Stroke In The High Temperature Of The Summer Time


What is the most afraid in summer, about this problem, presumably your mind, is a thunderstorm and a high temperature.
Mine expert Hongke tell you, in summer the temperature is very high,, to prevent the crusher “heat stroke” is a very important work.
Mine equipment is a large mechanical equipment, more open work, summer outdoor temperature is generally higher, the working conditions of workers hard, broken machine working conditions can be described with a bad two words. Summer due to the high temperature of flowing air, is not conducive to the equipment three people, so the summer high temperature crusher equipment, the temperature is too high, down and so on. This requires the user to pay attention to prevent the equipment, heat stroke”.
First of all, we should do a good job of crusher equipment maintenance work. Regularly to the equipment for a comprehensive inspection, do a good job in equipment maintenance, replacing the engine “filter” and oil, replace or adjust the belt, check the fan, water tank, generator, compressor and other components to normal operation.
Secondly, to clean up the oil and dust of the engine body in time to ensure the engine to maintain a good heat dissipation.
Again, for the equipment to replace the proper oil viscosity grade, the general summer oil viscosity level is higher than other appropriate. Engine oil and lubricating oil to replace the use of summer oil, the amount of oil appropriate, often check whether there is oil leakage, especially the fuel, should be added in a timely manner.
Next, check the cooling system, fuel system is not smooth, and replace the aging of the wires, plugs, tubing, screws, tighten the fuel line, to prevent fuel leakage.
Then summer outdoor temperature high, high-temperature is easy to the equipment caused adverse effects, suggest you regardless of whether the device is in a down or work state, as far as possible to ensure that equipment is placed in the shade, such as the summer high temperature for the equipment to build temporary awning. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun in the sun.
Finally, high temperature in summer, increase equipment failure rate and fire incidence, Hongxing experts recommend that you must be 1-2 sets of random each machine is equipped with fire extinguishers for safekeeping.
The equipment that summer sunstroke, is the fundamental premise for ensuring equipment safety production and equipment production efficiency. Hongke hope that summer crusher can cause heatstroke every user’s attention.