How To Maximize The Performance Of Cone Crusher?

cone crusher

Cone crusher is a kind of widely used crushing equipment, mainly used in construction, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, then in the production process of how to make cone crusher exert maximum effect? Here are some of the broken machine manufacturers summed up some experience to help you achieve the goal.
cone crusher
1, should be timely inspection and easy to wear parts. For example, cone crusher lining, fixed screws, etc.. If these components are not timely replacement of the problem, it will affect the normal operation of the entire equipment, light will affect the output, heavy damage to the equipment. If you wait until the parts completely damaged and then go to repair, it may cause the whole production line to stop production, the company’s loss is even greater.
2, the mouth of the material notes. Some workers feel that if you want to improve the overall production of cone crusher, when the material to give more, in fact, this is a wrong idea. Feeding, if too much filler may cause material inlet blockage, causing internal machine appear idle, reduce the efficiency of production. In addition, if the particle size of the material is too large, it will also cause the clogging of the feed port. These two conditions must be avoided, or reduce the production efficiency, but also caused the loss of electricity.
3, timely inspection of the parts of the device temperature. Cone crusher in the operation of the equipment, will be a lot of energy conversion to the broken material. Part of the energy will result in the loss of equipment or high temperature. It is time to shut down the equipment to check the cause, so as not to cause a greater loss.