How To Make The Best Adjustment Of Jaw Crusher

jaw crusher

Jaw crusher discharge port is automatically adjusted according to the different needs of users, to get qualified product material size. Henan Hongke Heavy Machinery crusher experts now on this issue,make a simple summary hope to help you.First, let’s be clear, jaw crusher thrust plate, also known as brackets,in addition to transfer power make the moving jaw plate do front and rear movable. At the same time, also has safety insurance and change its length can also be to adjust the row ore mouth of the role.

When the jaw crusher broken into the cavity can not be broken material (such as iron, iron, etc.), to protect the main parts of the equipment is not damaged and the thrust plate as crusher safety components.Back pressure plates are generally made of cast iron cast as a whole, in which part of a groove or a plurality of small holes to reduce its section strength; also can cast two block, then screws (or rivets) are connected and combined to form a thrust plate.When the non-broken material into the crushing chamber, equipment overload, huge crushing force to cause the thrust plate thrust plate fracture or a combination thrust plate screws cut, the machine stops working, play a role as insurance.