How To Choose Suitable Crusher For Different Material Crushing


Material crushing need suitable crusher
Gravel crushing method
Pebble in the crushing process in the biggest question is simple for wearing parts wear, this is because the pebble in the silicon content is very high. Thus as material of the stone factory Gravel project, it is necessary to carefully study the broken skills. As crusher manufacturers, in agree with the conditions of the customer, we introduce as much as possible using laminated equipments and multistage crush plan. Multistage lamination equipment (to jaw crusher and cone break) can maximum limit reduced wear parts wear capital, together can reduce the screening of anti material, adding production line of production capacity. If customers shopping for products of stone grain demand is not high, can use two grade crusher plan production. This equipment is the lowest investment, the most simple plan to repair the protection, production costs are the most economical of all plans. However, the defect of this plan is that the grain size of stone is poor, and the share of needle like material is high. Stone in the mall is not competitive, because of the high level of building a good demand for grain type stone.
Excellent grain type of the demand for commodities, can decrease the cost of production, then we can use two laminating crushing machine (broken jaw + fine jaw crusher and cone crusher) and strike back type crushing machine supporting skills program. Such equipment can makes the primary crushing pretext broken and two broken end (laminating crushing) and eventually by the back breaking of crushing integer. Such equipment skills can be greatly reduced by screening after the counter material. Assuming a high proportion of the material in the production line, it will lead to the end of a crusher to add too much repetition of the broken work, the corresponding also makes the wear and tear of the loss will be greatly added.
About HeLuanShi material of stone material factory, suppose you choose crusher and back breaking the technical equipment, then counterattack broken wear parts wear rate will be very fast, manufacturing cost is added many. Therefore, as the crusher manufacturers we are not recommending the use of such skills and equipment.
Detailed skills and equipment requirements based on the actual situation of the practice of detailed analysis of the situation, look forward to viewing communication.