Hongke Mobile Crusher: Touch A Stone And Turn It Into Gold

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Hongke Mobile Crusher
World class manufacturing process, the most high-end production materials, the overall cast steel bearing seat, heavy eccentric shaft, to give it a superior reliability, achievement to overcome the hard metal material master.

We know more about the mine crushing

The importance of crushing technology: to enrich and facilitate the mineral enrichment

For mineral enrichment: ore dressing plant processing the vast majority are useful minerals and gangue minerals close intergrowth together, and often fine grained and fine-grained disseminated. Only when they are crushed and fully dissociated can they be enriched with the existing physical mineral processing methods.
For sorting: all physical dressing process are affected by the particle size of particle through coarse (useful minerals and gangue unrealized dissociation) or granularity meticulous (namely crushing for fine-grained) are not effective separation. In each link of the mineral processing plant, ore crushing is the highest cost process, which is an important part of the investment and production cost of the concentrator.

Select the production plan suitable for their own needs:

The physical properties of the ore: mainly the hardness of the ore, loose density, mud content, water content, etc..
Ore grade: the content of useful components or useful minerals in the ore, which is a unit of volume or unit weight. Generally expressed in weight (such as iron, copper, lead, zinc and other minerals), some with g / T (such as gold, silver and other minerals), ore grade is a measure of the main indicators of economic value of the deposit.
Production capacity: here mainly refers to the ore dressing plant according to the calculation (or crushing and screening plant) production capacity.
Granularity: ore granularity characteristics (and size of mines, the mining method and shovel transport equipment); the largest ore particle size and requirements the final product of the maximum size (to determine the broken segments); paragraphs broken and product particle size characteristics (as determined by each segment of the crushing equipment).
Crusher choice: the type of crusher more, in the choice must consult the experts in the field of mine, or to those sales of mine equipment sales staff to understand the situation.

To do good work must first sharpen his tools.

Perfect broken mine, need suitable crusher.

Energy saving and environmental protection, we spare no effort

In the aspect of energy saving and environmental protection, Hongke mine crushing equipment uses its high crushing ratio, which avoids the waste of energy caused by repeated crushing;
Optimized structure design, high precision bearings reduce machine wear, prolong service life and save running cost;
With the application of automation and intelligent control technology in equipment,
We promise to increase production efficiency, at the same time, to reduce energy consumption for you, for our survival of the earth’s homes have become better to contribute their own strength.

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