Gravel Crushing Production Line Was Successfully Put Into Operation In Liaoning Province

Gravel Crushing Production Line

A stone factory buy a set of advanced, modern gravel crushing production line from Hongke, the production line has been successfully put into operation a month. During this period, the production line is not only running smoothly, the grain shape of sand and gravel is good, and the grading is reasonable, and there is no failure, and the results are satisfactory.
Gravel crushing production line professional manufacturers Hongke description
As a domestic famous mining machinery manufacturers, Hongke with years of stone production line equipment manufacturing experience, the production of gravel production line equipment jaw crusher, counterattack type crusher, cone crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher, hammer type crusher etc., many varieties, all types, low prices, excellent quality, best-selling home and abroad are dozens of Oman, the Philippines, Indonesia and other countries and regions, by the customer’s praise.
 Hongke gravel production of linear energy advantage
1, stone crushing production line automation degree is high, crushing ratio, high production efficiency, large amount of treatment, through the broken product is cubic, low content of needle, no internal cracks, high pressure strength.
2, equipment maintenance is simple, wearing parts color with the current domestic most new high strength wear resistant materials, loss of small, long life, can bring considerable economic benefits for customers.
3, the design of the stone crushing production line, the successful application of limestone, basalt, granite, gravel etc. rock crushing and processing, after the break of the product quality completely reach GB14685-2001 standards, higher highway, railway, water conservancy, concrete mixing stations and other industries to provide the qualified aggregate.
Three. Introduction of the process flow of Liaoning gravel and crushed stone production line
Crushing production line process is approximately: (bin) – feeder, jaw crusher, counterattack type crusher, vibrating screen – (a product). One of the machines can be connected to the machine.
First, the stone by feeder evenly sent to coarse crusher preliminary broken. Then, production into a coarse material by belt conveyor is transported to the crusher for further crushing, fine grinding after the stone into the shaker distinguish different specifications of stones, does not meet the size requirements of stone material returning into the crusher broken broken again.