Five Prohibitions On The Use Of Jaw Crusher

jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is the machine which is used frequently in the field of ore crushing.But there are a lot of people in the use of the process will continue to be a failure,so they had to shut down to make a maintenance of machinery.Henan Hongke Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd. tips: In fact, as long as it is to avoid using the following operations which are non-standard phenomenon, you can avoid machine damage.

First,irregular maintenance of the machine,in the using process of jaw crusher. because of the huge efforts to cause the machine to machine internal parts or screws are fixed machine screws loose.This requires regular reinforcement machine screws.

Second, not in time to replace the lubricant to the machine. When the machine is used for some time, the lubricant in the interior will be reduced, and the debris deposited in the machine will also increase the wear of the machine. So when the lubricant used after a period of time, it is time to replace the. And after the replacement of the use of kerosene on the internal thorough cleaning, do not allow a bit of debris left. So the machine is not easy to wear.

Third, the high temperature inside the machine. Jaw crusher in the use of the process will produce a lot of heat due to friction, if the heat can not be distributed in a timely manner in the machine will damage the machine.For example, the axis of the machine will occur because of high temperature deformation, damage will be broken in a stone. Therefore, in the use of the crusher must always pay attention to the internal temperature, if the machine is too high in time to stop the temperature, and then use the temperature to reduce.

Fourth, in raw materials without picking out one of the iron.If the iron in the raw material, will destroy the jaw of jaw crusher.Lead to machine can’t use.

Fifth, not evenly add raw materials.So when too much raw material into the machine will be damaged due to overload the machine.