Efficient Crusher Mechanism Effectively Enhance Aggregate Quality


At present, China’s development is still the city’s constant expansion and transformation, the development of rural urbanization. The construction industry also will appear a lot of projects, and promote the development of the artificial sand making industry of building materials, which also makes the high efficient crusher to meet the needs of the rapid development of the artificial sand making industry.
The smooth progress of the project is strictly controlled construction materials, the use of concrete in the process, not only to the sand and gravel aggregate technology requirements, the quality of the control more stringent. In the artificial mechanism of sand and gravel aggregate gradually replace the natural sand Market, the emergence of the crusher directly determines the mechanism of the quality level of gravel aggregate, high efficiency crusher can also meet the development of the industry.
High efficiency crusher how how can Nairang based on the development of the industry? Raw materials for making sand after coarse broken by belt conveyor into the crusher, through the high-speed rotation of the hammer impact broken to achieve, after crushing the material from hammerhead gains kinetic energy, high speed impact counterattack plate and multiple collision crushing operations. Granular material will be discharged from grate and large grain size will re hammer impact and after grinding know be discharged from grate and get the high quality of the finished sand. The series of crushers, the design of a high-speed line, model of high wear-resistant alloy material, rational design of the body structure, innovation grate plate design, steel hard squeeze broken principle, and finally achieve the control effect of the particle size.
Now the sand production requirements production of environmental protection, crushers as sand blasting equipment, set up its own set of dust, in the sand production reduce or even eliminate the sand industry is the most headache dust pollution. In addition, the high efficiency crusher also solves the problem of the grain size of the manufactured sand, the impurity content is more, can produce high quality and excellent match grade of sand and gravel aggregate.