Double Roll Crusher And Discharge Mechanism

Roller Crusher

A pair of teeth, which is the same as the rotation phase of the two rollers of the double toothed roll crusher, for example, to explore the material crushing mechanism.Teeth on the role of process materials can be divided into three sections, the first paragraph is tearing tooth for punching large broken material, in this period, the movement of teeth suddenly encountered a large piece of material, by interleaving the first prong on the material impact shear, if the bulk material is not crushed further tearing. After the broken material that is teeth bite into, and the second section of the broken. If the material has not been crushed, then the tooth along the material surface forced down, by the spiral arrangement of teeth, the material will be turned over, waiting for the next pair of teeth to continue to function, until the broken material can be bitten into.

After the first paragraph of crushing, the material has been initially broken to the size of the grain size can be bitten into the situation, but still can not meet the requirements, and thus entered the second section of the broken. In the second section, the crushing material is broken through the extrusion and shearing action of the lower edge of the current pair of teeth and the upper edge of the front pair of teeth. Performance as a pair of teeth inclusive cross section from large to the smallest process that is broken side edge of the discharge process, due to the large size of the material becomes smaller volume container being forcibly squeezed into pieces, broken material is extruded from the backlash leave out.

The current pair of teeth began to disengage interdental inclusive cross-sectional area gradually increases from the smallest, the second paragraph of the broken material, due to the separation of the front teeth and a lot lower leakage discharge, in the discharge process,the individual particle size of the material will be broken rod block, when the tooth movement to the broken rod near the further will be used to break the broken rod and the teeth between the large pieces of material broken, and its forced discharge. This is the third broken.

Here, a pair of teeth broken end of the trip, each ring has four pairs of teeth,so when teeth running a week. such a process will be performed four times, the cycle, the material will tear a bite punching forced out after extrusion into a shear-chipping.