Crushing Equipment Industry Focus On The Service Life Of The Hammer

Hammer Crusher

The hammer of hammer crusher in the production process, the severe wearing, although we can use good material to prolong the service life, but the actual effect is not obvious, after Hongke statistics, if every day by 8-10 hours boot, each hammer (n = 36) most can use 10 days,. If calculated according to the efficiency, each month we need at least two sets of hammer replacement for the annual replacement of the hammer of the funds is a high place, so for the company is a huge waste.
Crusher hammer wear consumption, short service life, with the effect of hammer crusher produced better material is not obvious. The statistics, every boot 8 to 10 hours, each hammer (n = 36) up 10 days and during this period can be crushed limestone million to 4 million tons. According to this calculation, at least a month to replace the two sets of hammer. For the replacement of the hammer funds amounted to about 1200000 yuan every year, causing huge waste. After testing in raw material workshop maintenance personnel, broken hammer mill early turned to use, a hammer can be crushed limestone more than 60000 tons, the life compared to the previous extended nearly 1 times. Hammer over although the workload is big, but you can make full use of the day shutdown time is, so as not to affect the production, at the same time, each turn can also symmetric to replace the 1 / 3 of the hammer. Hammer crusher is the best empty load running 1 – 2 minutes after the start to feed. As the crusher is packed with ore, so to pay attention to the ore situation is normal, especially with mud, high water content of the ore, to prevent the ore from clogging the mouth. In operation, but also pay attention to check the mine drainage situation, not allowed in the sealing device of the space accumulation of ore.
Gravel Market of artificial sand processing equipment requirements to improve, do for sand production line manufacturers, we will work harder, continue to study new mill processing equipment put on the market, also hope that the majority of users to our factory give valuable advice. In the mineral processing, sand and gravel lines, the use of a relatively more ore dressing equipment is the crusher. Welcome new and old customers come to our company site visits!