Crusher Wear Parts Maintenance

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Compared with the host machine, crusher parts are generally small and medium parts, unlike the engine, body, rack and other parts of the larger size of the design and manufacture of easy to attach importance to. However, due to the crushing machine parts in the process of running the most direct contact with limestone and other materials, the performance of the crusher and work efficiency and so on through the work of these wear parts to reflect.crusher parts
Crusher wear parts the role should not be underestimated, wear parts quality is good or bad, will directly affect the broken machine performance, life, work efficiency and engineering cost, if not timely wear failure after replacement, and then continue to use when the crusher due to high resistance, unbalanced force, vibration caused by crushing machine machine work, serious damage to crushing machine.
In addition, the consumption of broken machine wear parts are enormous, such as a single stage hammer crusher need to install a total of 50 hammer crusher hammerhead, each weighing about 100 kg, and strong material in the harsh working conditions and broken abrasion, long service life and greatly reduced. Even a hammer can be used only for 2 days. Therefore, the crusher parts need to be replaced in a timely manner, and to choose the quality of wear-resistant parts manufacturers.
Luoyang Dahua heavy Polytron Technologies Inc recommends that users should pay attention to accessories (especially wear accessories) maintenance and maintenance:
1, bearing: all load bearing crusher machine has good lubrication, so have a great relationship to the bearing life, it directly affects the service life of the machine and the operation rate, thus requiringinto thelubricating must be clean, seal must be good.
2, the body: if the surface of the cast iron gas pores, shrinkage, slag, cracks and other phenomena, should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.
3, hammer: hammer crusher accessories according to the use of the process should wear, pour over the eyes, on time, in order to make the crusher parts uniform wear and rotor balance. In such a way that the use of a regular and reciprocal turn over and over, the life of the hammer can be prolonged.
4, non liner: no broken broken into the machine when the crusher into metal or lining off, easy to cause the hammer disc broken or bent, then should promptly be replaced, otherwise easy to cause vibration hammer loss.
5, the triangle belt: check the triangle belt tension and wear. Tensioning and replacing all the belt sand making machine if necessary.
6, electrical components: check the status of the cable and electrical components, to avoid disconnection and wear, in time to repair the found fault mobile crusher. Comply with electrical safety and inspection procedures.