Construction Aggregate Sand Making Machine Crushing Process Is Good, Every “stone” Is Up To The Standard

Sand Making Machine

Construction aggregate are some loose granular material, from the skeleton or filled in concrete, with the reduction of natural sand resources, artificial sand has been an unprecedented favor, but in order to become artificial aggregate construction aggregate, must help has broken plastic device, the device may be called broken plastic construction aggregate crusher. Construction aggregate sand making machine crushing process is good, it will be little major petrochemical raw materials, so that the finished product has reached every single gravel sand standard.

Sand Making Machine

First, the standard sand

For the construction sector aggregate using standard has very strict requirements, according to national standards “GB / T 14684-2011 building sand” implementation. Particle size greater than 4.75mm belongs coarse aggregate, gravel and pebbles are commonly used, particle size less than 4.75mm aggregate into a fine aggregate, fine aggregate, commonly known as sand, sand in order to obtain such a standard, it is necessary to use corresponding sand making equipment.

Second, construction aggregate crusher crushing process

Construction aggregate sand making machine, as the name implies, is responsible for processing all kinds of sand and gravel used in the construction sector. It is based on the traditional Sand transformed into a reasonable, post-processing color sand can be directly used in building construction. Construction aggregate sand making deep cavity rotor, diamond-shaped impact block, a special sealing device produced by Red Star, the production process to ensure efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, low failure rate, the use of dual-use bulk material plate, a variety of crushing principle, sand process, and the formation of closed loop screening system, three general circulation materials can be broken into 20 mesh or less. So that every grain of sand particles are broken more thoroughly, crushed in the end, the finished sand gradation and fineness modulus is adjustable, finished rendering three-dimensional shape, taste, high economic value per unit of finished products do contain.

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