Comprehensive Interpretation Of Hongke Jaw Crusher

jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is mainly used in the construction of a variety of broken ore crushing and grinding in the mine crushing, gravel production line.

Working principle of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher crushing method for the curve, the operation principle of the main animal model of the two jaw movement. Work, motor drive belt and belt wheel, then the movable jaw movement up and down by the eccentric shaft, when the movable jaw rises, the toggle plate and dynamic jaw angle becomes larger, which pushes the movable jaw plate close to the fixed jaw plate, the material through between the two jaw plate extrusion, rubbing, grinding and other multiple broken; when the movable jaw toggle plate and movable jaw angle becomes small, jaw plate in under the action of the pull rod, a spring is scheduled to leave the jaw plate, broken material under the action of gravity, the lower jaw cavity discharge port free discharged. With the continuous rotation of the motor, the moving jaw to do periodic crushing and discharging, to achieve mass production.

Advantage of jaw crusher

Deep cavity crushing, high efficiency and energy saving
Optimized deep cavity crushing, no dead zone, feeding and crushing efficiency is greatly improved, single machine 15%-30%, more than twice the system energy saving.
High bearing capacity and high stability
More large forging processing heavy eccentric shaft, high manganese steel jaw plate and higher steel movable jaw assembly, equipment carrying ability is stronger and more stable.
Advanced technology, long service life
Draw lessons from the world advanced manufacturing technology, digital analysis of the operation of the components, the internal structure of precision, equipment service life is greatly extended.
Centralized lubrication system, easy maintenance
Unique design of the centralized lubrication system, parts lubrication more efficient, and maintenance of a small amount of work.
Simple structure and convenient maintenance
Under the basic principle of compound pendulum, streamline redundant components, equipment overall structure simple,, strong crushing capability, convenient operation and maintenance, operating costs low.
Low noise, less dust
Equipment with reference to the national environmental protection standards, low noise, can support equipment dust, construction environment fully meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Introduction to the processing technology of jaw crusher production line

Jaw crusher is usually does not work independently, but with cone crusher, counterattack type crusher, sand making machine, vibration sieve together constitute the whole aggregate processing system, to achieve the accurate processing of ore rock, improve the product to increase its market value. Common production lines are: stone production line and sand production line, etc..
Stone production line
Processing technology of stone production line
Hongke stone production line according to the production site field survey and customer requirements, with the purpose of “economical and practical principles of well-designed and, large output, small abrasion, low operation cost, finished stone size evenly matched, mainly used in railway, construction and mining and other areas of the crushed stone operations, production sieve ceding several different specifications of stones, conforms to our country the construction of infrastructure projects high-speed material demand, the market is vast.

Processing technology of sand making production line
sand making production line
In stone production line based on the increase for fine grinding and shaping the sand making machine equipment, can realize the synchronized production mechanism sand and crushed stone, the entire production line construction flexible, discharging diversity, can meet the requirements of customers for a variety of processing, to achieve the goal of “line” is sand and stone, port and airport runway production of highway surface material, high speed railway sand and gravel aggregate, hydropower station with crushed stone production line selection.

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