Cobble Cone Crusher

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Brief introduction of the cobble

Cobble formation is mainly due to the effect of the crustal movement for many years and lived through the long time shock, friction and the formation of.

The mineral is a kind of nature is the more common form of natural stone, the texture is relatively hard, non-toxic, tasteless, color is bright, anti pressure performance is strong, has good abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. After mining and processing of Cobble has very high use value, can be widely used in construction, building materials, airports, bridges, highway, railway, water conservancy and hydropower multiple industries.
To cobble use of higher value, will be on the crushing processing equipment quality improving, Hongke in cobble characteristics based on and the introduction of Germany is more advanced production and processing technology, specially developed a model of river gravel crushing equipment, cobble cone crusher, here to take you on this new type of river gravel crushing equipment for a detailed understanding of analysis.

Brief introduction of cobble cone crusher

Cobble cone crusher is a PC with very advanced production technology and processing technology of crushing equipment, the equipment gathered all mines broken equipment advantages in a body, not only processing cobble crushing effect is very good for in other materials crushing equally good, widely used in metallurgy, building materials, construction, highway, water conservancy and chemical industry more.
cone crusher
Cobble cone crusher is working, by the motor drives the rotation of the eccentric sleeve, dynamic cone in driven by the eccentric sleeve do swing movement, so that the broken cone crushing wall sometimes close and sometimes they leave is fixedly arranged on the adjusting sleeve bar mortar wall surface, the river pebbles in the crushing cavity will continue to impact and extrusion and bending broken to achieve.

Cobble cone crusher performance advantages

1, the equipment design concept is more advanced, three-dimensional structure form a unique novel and equipment body is small, light weight, equipment occupy a space less, save a sum of capital cost of the investment for river gravel manufacturer.
2, the equipment of crushing cavity design is advanced and unique, is in the introduction of foreign advanced technology, based on the intergranular lamination principle, such equipment can be selective of pebble broken, the processing of finished product size is uniform, grain shape and different.
3, the equipment will be more high speed and stroke was a perfect combination, such equipment cobble through rate has been greatly improved and broken equipment is greater than, the operation of the rate and the production efficiency is higher.
4, the equipment of all the parts are the solid, reliable, high quality, wear-resisting performance is good steel casting and the, equipment wear resistance and impact resistance performance is high, equipment wear less, the failure rate is reduced a lot, the service life of the equipment was greatly prolonged.
5, the discharge outlet is using the international advanced manufacturing technology, according to the user’s actual production needs to carry on the reasonable adjustment, the adjustment range is wide, users can meet the different needs of production, equipment adaptable, flexible application.
6, the device uses a more reliable and advanced safety insurance device, so that the equipment in the actual operation of the operation is more safe and reliable, the operation of the equipment is relatively stable, low operating costs.
7, the equipment has also used the advanced quality of the dust device system, equipment in the process of sealing performance is better, no dust pollution phenomenon, equipment, environmental protection performance is better.
8, the degree of automation of the equipment is high, so the equipment in the use of more simple and convenient operation, high accuracy of the equipment, continuous operation. And equipment maintenance is also more convenient and fast, and effectively reduce the equipment downtime.
9, the equipment in the actual operation of the noise is smaller, and less power consumption, low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection effect is remarkable. Equipment cost investment is small, fast return, can bring more ideal economic benefits for the user.

Factors affecting the price of cobble cone crusher

The cost of equipment investment

Equipment costs for us is very easy to understand, as a manufacturer which is mainly for the purpose of profit, regardless of whether the device prices relatively no matter how low, the market pricing will also costs more than the price, so as to ensure factory management and development. Equipment input cost is mainly by the use of raw materials, equipment input and the time spent in the development of equipment. Equipment price is equal to the profits and investment cost of adding and investment cost of equipment and equipment price is proportional to the relationship, so the equipment cost is higher, so the price will be higher, the same token, the lower the investment cost of equipment, then design by price will slightly lower.

Market factors

Market impact on prices is an external factor, equipment market factors, the main reason for the market competition, there is the impact of supply and demand in the market. Competition in the market this factor is easy to understand, no matter in which there are more intense competition, many manufacturers in order to increase their market share and brand awareness, sometimes will cheap sale of equipment, which makes other manufacturers of equipment prices will also be affected, other manufacturers in order to sell equipment, and had to follow the price. And is the relationship between supply and demand effects when manufacturers supply on the market compared to the multi, and user’s purchase volume did not increase, then there will be oversupply phenomenon, the device will be the backlog of unsold, occupied a part of the capital, manufacturers will in order to recover the funds, equipment to reduce the backlog, the equipment price deal. In contrast is the supply of equipment is not much, and the user demand in the market more time, there will be a shortage of phenomenon, then the manufacturers will be the opportunity to profit.
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