Causes Of Jaw Crusher Frame Suddenly Cracked

Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher frame is the equipment the most important parts, the total proportion of the whole and the manufacturing workload is larger, frame strength and stiffness, great influence on the overall performance and the main parts of the life had. Jaw crusher frame according to the structure, there is a whole rack and the combination of the rack, the overall housing due to manufacturing, installation and transportation difficulties, it is not suitable for large crusher, and more for small and medium crusher.
With long time of operation, illegal operation of the operating personnel will lead to crushing machine equipment of different frequency fault happens, and influence the normal production capacity, serious and may cause casualty accident. Of course, jaw crusher is no exception, the following describes the cause of the sudden cracking of the rack rack:
1 jaw crusher in the production of casting technology or welding is not in place and caused by the quality of the equipment itself;
2 frame bearing cap two bolt loose;
3 when the installation of the jaw plate fixed is not strong enough, in the jaw type broken long time work in the vibration caused by loose, which hit the rack front wall gear tooth board, causing damage to the rack;
4 because of the eccentric shaft and pin expansion sleeve is damaged or loose, the grooved wheel counterweight block direction dislocation;
5 host foot based rigid poor level outoftolerance or collapse, a beating;
6 fixed, movable jaw plate in the teeth after the wear and tear to continue to use;
7 elbow plate, elbow plate gasket material is not qualified, can not withstand the huge impact, crushing machine in a strong impact, the elbow plate has not been broken protection, resulting in rack vibration.