Aspects Need To Continuous Improvement Of The Impact Crusher


Henan Hongke Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a large-scale company specializing in the production of impact crusher,have a deep research in impact crusher,today to talk about the improvement areas for impact crusher.

First, the need to improve the existing impact crusher structure, to improve the impact crusher to the hard ore crushing capacity, and to improve the convenience of equipment maintenance.Mainly in the improvement of plate hammer and rotor structure so that the board hammer’s replacement and installation card.Counterattack frame (crushing chamber shape) structural optimization, enhance a crushing rate and energy utilization of the ore.

Second, the research and development of a new type of plate hammer material with high wear resistance and high toughness can improve the service life of the plate hammer and raise the productivity.

Third, the application of modern mechanical technology and modern control methods continue to improve the automation of the crusher to reduce labor intensity and improve productivity. For example, the use of modern computer aided design optimization of the structure parameters of the counter frame,to improve the utilization of energy and the rate of a broken ore.