Application Of Mobile Crusher In Open Pit Mining

Mobile Crushing Station

Coal Resource Analysis
Earth’s coal resources are very rich, is a treasure house of energy is very valuable material wealth. In the early 80s, it is estimated that the world’s coal resources of 136093 million T, which has proven recoverable reserves of more than 8000 million T. In the 200 years before the beginning of 80s, the world’s total coal mining of about about 150000000000 T, which is compared to the huge recoverable reserves, but it is only a small part of the exploitation of the. In accordance with the annual output afterlife coal industry in recent years estimates, and considering the future succession of proven reserves, estimated the world coal that can be mined for 200-300 years, so Mobile crushers are used in open pit mining has very broad prospects.

Crusher For Open Pit Mining

The coal crusher is introduced for the coal industry situation of a new type of exclusive equipment, high efficiency and low consumption is the significant feature of the. Hongke heavy industry R & D and production of coal crusher is no sieve bottom mill, wet and dry materials can be crushed, and therefore a very wide range of grinding, such as coal, coal gangue, slag and other materials. Through the coal crusher crushing grain size uniformity, the size of the perfect, reasonable size, can be controlled in 2mm (mm) the following.

Mobile Crusher For Open Pit Mining

China’s open pit coal mine mining technology level is close to the international top level, especially in some large opencast coal mine, such as the coal Pingshuo Antaibao opencast coal mine, the model of semi continuous mining technology: single bucket excavator mining mobile crushing station – belt transportation system. This process has strong adaptability, outstanding advantages, very advanced, has become an important technology development direction of the open pit coal mining technology.

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