Application of limestone crusher

limestone crusher

Limestone chemical building materials in the field, the industry is widely used, can produce slaked lime, lime, lime and lime mortar and aerated concrete blocks, painting and other wall materials and other building materials, but also can be made into lime desulfurization desulfurization agent and application field of power plant, also can produce products to become the mechanism of sand preparation the performance of concrete.
According to different application areas of limestone, limestone, sandstone, limestone products generally require three kinds of gravel. Due to the increasing demand for limestone products, the development of the limestone crusher is driven by the market.
There are many kinds of limestone crusher, and the different types of crusher are also different. The product from the limestone mining down to go through first jaw crusher, the size of their broken to around 70cm, and then entered the two stage crusher in crushing equipment, to meet the requirements of the size of stone products can be directly selected, does not meet the size requirements of limestone gravel will enter the three stage crushing equipment, finally screen size less than 0.475mm sand products, and different specifications of stones, stone powder production by grinding.
It is worth mentioning that, if the production of limestone products are supplied to the building materials products in the field, the choice of the crusher should be the material is expected to be as small as possible. At this time we need to join the sand making machine, sand making machine in the artificial sand making, its crushing capacity far beyond the other similar products, is the most ideal artificial sand making equipment.
At the same time, if the limestone as a building stone, gravel concrete aggregate used when crusher with plastic and sand dual characteristics, can produce good grain, and reasonable allocation of gravel, stone products, can significantly improve the performance of concrete.