Application Of Crusher In Construction Waste Crushing


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Prospects For Construction Waste Disposal
Construction waste resources, not only has a huge environmental benefits, but also will have a huge economic benefits. Many of the waste in the construction waste is sorted, eliminated or crushed, which can be used as a renewable resource. In the face of increasingly prominent urban construction waste, a lot of successful practices in developed countries can provide us with a full reference. According to 2020 China’s new construction waste 50 tons of estimates, these construction waste treatment if can be converted into ecological building materials, the value can be reached 1000000000000 yuan. At present, construction waste treatment has been in Beijing, Shandong, Shenzhen and other regional hot start. With the increasing attention to the environmental construction of government departments, construction waste disposal will soon usher in more powerful national policy support and broad market space.

Construction waste crushing analysis

China is the world biggest countries in the construction of new building, every year 20 million square meters of new area, equivalent to the consumption of cement and steel, 40% of the world, and can only be sustained 25-30 years, number of construction waste in China has accounted for 30% ~ 40% of the total municipal waste. According to rough statistics of brick concrete structure, cast structure and frame structure building construction material loss, in the construction process of every 10 thousand square metre building, only construction waste will produce 500 to 600 tons; and per million square meters demolition of old buildings, will produce 7000 to 12000 tons, according to incomplete statistics, the annual national urban construction demolition of old buildings, will produce urban construction waste up to 2 million tons. The number of construction waste per year has been in the proportion of urban construction waste as high as 40%, becoming the problem of waste management.

Hongke Construction Waste Crushing Technology

Hongke is the world’s leading rock and mineral processing equipment manufacturing enterprises, for construction waste processing, construction waste crushing, especially construction waste site in small, mobile construction waste pulverizer play the advantage of its operation.
Integrated construction waste crushing service
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Process and equipment for construction waste disposal

Process and equipment for construction waste disposalConstruction waste process technology:
1, feed and coarse broken
2, sorting system
3, high pressure washing system
4, two times, three times the broken system
5, waste water recovery system
6, dust purification system
7, automatic control system

Equipment for construction waste disposal

Other waste disposal purposes

Waste by sorting, eliminate or crushed, most can be as a renewable resource re-use such as: scrap steel, scrap iron, scrap wire and all kinds of scrap steel parts etc. metal, after sorting, concentration and re melted down and can re manufacturing various specifications of steel; waste bamboo wood can be used in the manufacture of artificial wood; brick, stone, concrete and other materials after crushing, sand for masonry mortar, plaster, playing in the concrete cushion etc., but also can be used for the production of building materials products blocks, pavement brick, brick lattice and.
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