Analysis Of The Causes Which Influence The Production Of Jaw Crusher

big jaw crusher

In sand production line, when the output of the jaw crusher is low, and not even achieve the desired standard factory production, the user how to do it?

Because the material conditions of production to be broken is certain,namely the material hardness and toughness conditions fixed,the user can adjust the production to improve jaw crusher from the following aspects, to ensure the production process on-site power supply voltage stability is guaranteed production of a good condition;Jaw crusher machine motor wiring in the reverse position will affect the motor work; jaw crusher discharge orifice size small, the production decline will form a discharge outlet obstruction, therefore you need to adjust the size of the mouth of row material; jaw crushing jaw plate machine shift phenomenon will also affect the equipment working state and the working efficiency, to ensure that the proper position of the jaw plate; jaw crusher in use for some time, the jaw structure bearing wear and increase working gap, bearing relative rotation of the outer ring so that lower production, you can always check the condition of the jaw and bearing wear and  timely replacement of it.

When the jaw crusher production decline, we must find the key to the problem according to a possible cause of failure, timely find problems and solve problems, to ensure efficient operation of equipment.